Z-Wave Repair

I have a rule where I have my outside lights come on at sunset. I noticed that this evening they didn't, so I started to look into it. I did a Z-Wave repair and had a couple nodes that are failed.

One switch physically failed a few days ago (I could hear the relay clicking) and I replaced it with a normal toggle switch...it's a fan that I keep on all the time anyway. It's still showing in the Z-wave details as "Not Responding" and I have a discover button. I'm not sure how to just totally get rid of it.

Weird thing is about the other switches is that they all still work. When I go into devices, I can turn them off and on.

Anyway, I'm not sure any of this is related to my rule not working. Any ideas?

no dst had a bug today with stuff coming on an hour late.. probably unrelated.

Something else is definitely up. My dashboard shows some switches off when they're definitely on (and those weren't even the nodes that showed as failed).

I think I need to figure out how to get rid of this failed sensor/switch, then everything else that was relying on it should work?

If you not repair a few times, maybe more, eventually you should get a remove option.

Well, after running repair four times, a remove button appeared. Now have tried to remove three times and it's still there. Maybe 4 is the magic number.

I had a GE switch fail completely a while back. I cannot get rid of the node in the z-wave list. Has anyone ever had any luck without totally resetting the radio? Does the bad node cause issues with communications with current working devices?

I have never successfully removed a (ghost) device using the "Remove" button. Only way I found was using these instructions

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