Z-Wave Repair

I have a bit over 30 Z-Wave devices. When I do a Z-Wave repair, I see repair-related events logged in the Logs. The events seem to happen in sequence based on the Z-Wave Node ID. I don't see events from all the nodes and it seems (unscientific observation) that I never see any events from Node IDs higher than about 20.
When I transitioned over from ST, I tried to establish a base of wired (repeater) devices first so, on my system, the wired devices tend to be the lower Node ID numbers. This leads me to wonder if the repair-related events are only being generated by the wired (repeater) devices?
My apologies for not doing more exhaustive testing but it takes so long for a Z-Wave Repair to run (and I am never sure when it is done) that I haven't had the patience to record the details.
BTW- I don't know if it's technically possible, but it would be great to have a log entry indicating the Z-Wave Repair process has completed.

It is a lengthy process. I did a repair after reading your post, and it hit all of my nodes and not in numeric order. My repair began in the 40s (which are all Iris Plug z-wave repeaters). I don't have any battery powered z-wave devices. There is a log entry for completion.

Edit: I do have a battery powered z-wave water sensor that was not included in the repair. I wonder if this is because it is a "sleepy" device?

Battery powered devices need to be woken up while the repair is going on.


Aha! That would explain what I have been seeing!

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