Z-Wave Repair Failures

I'm not contesting what you say, but it doesn't make any sense.

Is it possible the Ghost could have been there for months and not caused any issues? I can't remember the last time I actually looked at the Zwave list. Hadn't had any issues till a few days ago and thus had no reason to look at it. Also I have not done any data base restores or anything like that.

I have added several Zigbee devices in the last few months, but that shouldn't affect the Zwave(?)

Yes, and it can possibly continue to be there and not cause any issues as well. They are often not as big of a deal as some people make them out to be.

It could have been from force removing a device entry as well, without excluding. Possibly something you were not using anymore so you decided to delete it, but did not exclude it.

Probably one of those things that I will never know what caused it.
Couple of observations tho. It would be nice if a USB stick wasn't needed to get rid of a ghost. I had bought one, but I can see where some folks might have difficulty with that. Being able to get rid of it directly from the hub would be best.

In the Zwave list most of the items still have a repair button. I have done a complete repair. Also selected a couple devices and hit the individual repair button. But they never go away.

The hub sends the commands to the onboard zwave chip through the vendor provided gateway software, supposedly if that does not work to remove it, there is nothing else they can do since it is a certified hub. PC Controller is a developer tool so it is not bound by the same rules.

Correct, the button being there does not mean it needs to be repaired, it is always an option. This has always been the case since the C7 came out.

It's not on all the devices, just part of them.

Also correct, battery devices do not have a repair button because they are not awake to do a repair. All devices will repair themselves as well (if needed), you normally do not need to use those buttons.