Z Wave random switch on/off issues

I'm experiencing random on/off events (lights actually flicker) with my z-wave in-wall switches . This seems to have started with an update to and continues with .135 and .148. Any ideas? Could this be a bad z-wave switch somewhere causing issues?

Screen Shot 2020-09-17 at 3.50.08 PM

What's Changed: Just software updates, No new zigbee or zwave devices or device/hub relocation or rules
What I've tried: Hub reboot, z-wave repair - nothing resolves it.
Hub Version:
Hardware: C-4
Apps: bptworld device watchdog, power save lights off (mine haven't updated in a long time but I removed it and the problem still happens)
Devices: I only have z-wave in-wall switches mainly GE (there might be an inovelli one) but problem happens with all of them.

Try “pausing” some of the Apps that your lights are using.
What’s the reason for running a specific Zwave Polling App ?

Just wondering if it could be a traffic issue with incomplete messages getting through from lights to Hub.

I have removed it from Amazon Echo and disabled the Power save apps from this particular switch and it's still giving me problems. I've got several other zwave switches that are exhibiting the same problem at opposite ends of the house.

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