Z-wave problems ... could it be a Sofmy ZRTSI?

Many, many problems with locks and network stability in general. The latest was a Kwikset 910 that was completely unresponsive for days. What was strange was that I could see the activity light on the Kwikset flashing when it should receive commands, but nothing happened - no lock/unlock. And I had an Aeotec repeater and z-wave plus beamforming switches within 5 feet of the lock. So today I started looking at other devices nearby. And I got an Aeotec z-stick and starting crudely using it to poke around using Z-Wave PC Controller. What I found was a Somfy ZRTSI (on the other side of a wall from the lock) that shows up in the Z-Wave PC Controller program as a "static controller".

At this point my curiosity turned to concern. So I unplugged the ZRTSI and guess what, the Kwikset lock now responds instantly. Looking at the Z-wave properties on the ZRTSI, I see that it does not support beaming, is a controller, but is not routing. That seems like a bad combination - a nonrouting, non-beaming controller.
The ZRTSI shows up in Hubitat simply as "device".

These devices came from a Wink network, is it possible that Wink was doing something to manage mesh traffic so that the ZRTSI was being treated like a nonrouting end node rather than a controller? That might explain why the locks and ZRTSI had no conflict in that earlier setup.

So my questions are:

  1. Is the ZRTSI being a non-routing controller likely causing problems on my z-wave mesh?
  2. If so, is there a way to reconfigure the ZRTSI so that it doesn't act like a controller?
  3. Should I be using a different driver with it?

Thanks for any and all input...

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