Z-Wave problem

Having problem connecting Z-Wave dimmer switch to Hubitat. No matter what I do. Hubitat can not find my devices. Need help

My SmartThings recognize my device and it works great. So how do I get it to send over to Hubitat. I tried HubLink with no results HubLink only recognizes my door sensor and windows.
Any advice will help. Thank you

Turn off the ST hub. ST is known to not let go of devices. Even after excluding them. Also ST will grab the connection with devices as soon as you turn them in discovery mode.


And do a z-wave general exclusion from your HE hub, then follow your device manualโ€™s instructions to put your device into exclusion mode as well. Then try to pair w/ Hubitat.

Also use hubconnect and not hublink for linking multi hubs together.

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