Z-wave Polling

I am using the Z-wave Polling internal app on my mains non-plus devices, and it seems to be working fine. However, I have 2 questions:

  1. Can the polling interval for each of my devices be changed? How?
  2. Using RM for polling only appears to be able to start or stop polling of a device. Is that correct? Can't be used to change the poling interval?
  1. Only with RM
  2. In RM, use a periodic trigger of your choosing then your action is to poll device(s) you choose.

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Would you mind providing an example of using RM to perform polling?

So when you use RM to poll on some set interval, it only polls a single time? It is not adding the device to the Z-waving Polling app that will continue to poll that device at the default interval?

My example in previous post will poll every 5 minutes "to infiniti and beyond". If you create a rule like this, you should probably not also have Poller app running. When I had non-plus devices, I polled one set every five minutes using one rule another set every 10 minutes using a separate rule.

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Why do you suggest not also running the polling app? I have moved 15 devices into a Rule at 5 minutes, but there are still 4 devices that I want polled at the default 10 seconds, so I left them in the polling app.

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That works. I meant not running Polling app on same devices involved with rule. Sorry for confusion.

Curious. I have a single Zwave (non-plus) smoke detector. Looks like it only wakes up and checks in once a week.

Would it be worth polling it? Obviously would impact battery life.

Memory says that poller app is restricted to switches/dimmers; i.e. devices that can be operated manually leading to a discrepancy between their state in Hubitat and actual state.

I don’t think a discrepancy of state can happen very easily with sensors like your smoke alarm.