Z wave polling app stops running

I use the zwave polling app on 4 older switches. I use it to monitor a change in their state that then triggers a wait action that later turns the switch off after an elapsed time. I noticed I the app continues to stop polling. If I manually pause and then restart the app it works again fir a few hours and the fails again . The only error I receive for the Z wave polling app in the log is attached as a photo

That's odd, to say the least. We will look into it. This could be the side effect of another change made recently.

Thanks, as a side note, the error is the last event in the polling log. Once the error occurs it stops polling.

Understood. How many devices are you polling?

Five switches.

Which leads me to ask for a feature. Can polling time be configured? I’d like to slow down the polling to reduce potential overloading of the hub. For these devices and this feature where I’m using it to turn something off after 35 minutes or more I probably only need to poll every 2 minutes.

You can do this yourself with Rule Machine. You might have to use Custom Action, depending on the particular devices, if they don't show up in RM for Poll Devices. The command you'd want is poll.

Perfect. I think I figured it out. I’ll keep an eye on it and see if it pauses or errors out. I set a time as a trigger so even if it stops hopefully the trigger will restart it everyday.

I see this same error from time to time. It didn't seem to affect anything but I rarely use the physical switches anyway.

I'm polling one dimmer and one on/off switch.

So I built out the rule. The log shows it’s repeating but it doesn’t detect the status change of the switches it’s polling

I may have answered my own question. I moved the repeat action to the top and now it repeats the polling

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