Z-wave plugs require a refresh, anyone else?

I have three Z-wave devices that it seems since the last update now will stop responding until they get a refresh. Two of the plugs are Aoetec smart switch 6s and one is a Zen15. The plugs are on various devices and they are used to monitor power and send notifications when these devices have turned on and shut down. Up until this last update I have never had an issue with any of them.

Tonight for instance I started the dishwasher and after about an hour I realized I had never gotten a notification that it had started. I first opened the dashboard and it showed it was drawing no power and the switch was off. I was standing there looking at it and the LED ring on the Aeotec plug showed it was on and the dishwasher was running and should have been showing some power draw. I then went to the device page and clicked refresh and everything updated and I got a message saying the dishwasher was running.

It's not every time, but it has happened on all three plugs at various times recently.

These are also all on my C7 hub. The Aeotecs are using the default driver, the Zen 15 is using a custom driver. Any one else having this issue, or is it just me?