Z-Wave outlets turning on every second

I have several GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus outlets in my house. This morning two of them were clicking constantly, but not like the Jasco switches that die do. These were still working but constantly turning on. The lamp was flicking on momentarily every time. I actually had this happen briefly once with one of them when the gfci it was on tripped. When I reactivated the GFCI it was like it was catching up with a queue of commands and when those were all done it went back to normal. This time it isn't stopping at all.

Yesterday I updated hubitat to and made a couple of small changes to rules that did not have anything to do with these two outlets.

I could see in the logs that one of the two was turning on. The other one did not show up in the logs at all even after I turned on logging.

I removed these devices from all rules and automations.

I shut down my hubitat for about 5 hours today and let them keep clicking and they never stopped. I tried excluding the outlets and have had no luck, even when I tried to use my Aeotec Z-Stick to exclude them right next to them.

I think there's basically a whole backlog of commands queued that they are trying to process and it will take ages for them to get through.

Is there any way for me to see if there is some backlog of commands that they may still be trying to fulfill?

I'm about ready to rip these two outlets out of the wall because the incessant loud clicking of the relay turning on is driving me insane.

Here's a screenshot of a log:

If they keep clicking with your hub shut down sounds like bad devices.


I've experienced a lot of Jasco switches going bad and they do a quieter clicking. Seems like the relay no longer works and the lights won't turn on at all. With these ones the lights still turn on briefly. It's really odd.

There’s no “backlog” of messages. The two outlets are defective. You can try cutting power to them at the breaker; it might “reset” them.