Z-Wave Outlet with power monitoring

I just picked up and set up an Enbrighten (GE/Jasco) In-Wall Z-Wave Plus Outlet in hopes of using it to monitor power usage on a device to help with some automation.

It's set up and working in Hubitat, when it was discovered it picked the Generic Z-Wave Smart Switch driver. I tried several different Generic drivers as well as a couple of other Outlet drivers but none of them seem to do what I'm looking for.

I don't actually want to control the device I have plugged into the smart outlet, I only need to monitor whether it's drawing power or not. Is this possible with this outlet? If not, can you recommend one that can do power monitoring? I would have preferred an in-wall but I will use pigtail-style if necessary.


If the device is supposed to be able to monitor power, but is not... I would ask @bcopeland about a driver for it. He is a (if not THE) local Z-Wave driver expert so he should be able to help.

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Which model?.. Because the ones I'm familiar with don't have power monitoring..

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The Zooz Zen15 is a good candidate, especially if this is any type of appliance. Later firmwares also allow you to disable the switch so it cannot be turned off at the plug. (VER. 2.01 released 12/2018)


https://www.support.getzooz.com/kb/article/309-zen15 power-switch-change-log/


Haha. I like how you were summoned.

The box says it’s model ZW1002. When I searched that here I just got a couple of RGB LED controller results.

Here’s the amazon page, not sure if these are allowed here.

GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07361JZ2H?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share


ETA: it doesn’t say it has power monitoring capabilities, I think I assumed that smart outlets would all just have that as standard.

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These don’t support power metering. They just released the zigbee version too and unfortunately it doesn’t either.

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Yep.. this isn't capable of power monitoring.. I have this same model..

That’s a bummer, now to figure out where else this can be useful lol.

Thanks again, and thanks for all your work on drivers, I’m currently using one and it’s awesome!

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I know this is an old post but I have one and can not get to to pair. All it does is just blink. Do I need a special driver for Hubitat to see it?

The driver does not affect the pairing process (even with no driver at all something can pair as just a "Device"). Drivers are for post-creation functionality.

So... It becomes more questions about how you are attempting to pair. I would recommend trying the following:

  1. Try excluding the device first. Even if it is not paired with this hub, you should see an "Unknown device excluded..." type of message. Then pair again.
  2. Factory reset the device (if possible) then attempt to pair again.

Troubleshooting questions:
a) What Hubitat hub do you have? C-7 or older?
b) If C-7, what version firmware? If the latest, have you done the Z-Wave firmware update also?

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Thank you for the reply. According to GE the device was defective. Will try again with a good one.

Ah. That would do it. I was just coming back to make an edit to add "Make sure the device is within 3ft (1m) of the hub."

Glad it is figured out, bummer it was a bad device.

Dang it!! Here I am three years late to the party and I realize I have made the same mistake. Now I get to be frustrated and wonder if I'm going to get a different switch, and go through the rigamaroll of swapping it out (in the new outlet I added and effectively hid behind the appliance I installed in the garage). Hrrumph