Z-Wave or Zigbee device for Pump Alarm

I have a Septic system effluent pump with an alarm box mounted a few feet from the house outside. There is provision for using a dry contact in the box to trigger an external alarm. Has anyone used a device to do this? I use an Aeotec Siren 6 Z-Wave alarm triggered by a motion detector for my intrusion alarms but there has to be a Z-Wave dry contact device connected to the aux contact on my pump alarm box to trigger the Aeotec. Any info appreciated.

If the box has dry contacts, then just about any contact sensor with wires soldered to the reed switch will detect when the contact is closed.

Some contact sensors already have screw terminals for this, so you don't need to solder.

Thanks.....that would be the ticket using a window sensor. Does that device have battery reporting data? I would hate to have a dead battery and a pump failure without an alarm. Also what model from Fibaro do you recommend? They have more than one model listed.....thanks again...

Any will work, but I have experimented with one model (the new Samsung Multi-Sensor) and it uses a hall effect sensor, instead of the typical reed switch you find in most models. This seems to cause an issue when it's battery powered. One user has done some recent expericments with that.

So to make it simple, don't use that one. I updated my post, and you may not have notice that. I added a link to a post there the owner is using an Ecolink. Those are pretty reliable and inexpensive.

However, if you're able to solder, the Ring Contact sensors are really inexpensive and they are also made by Ecolink, but they don't have the screw terminals. You can get two Ring v1 Z-Wave Plus contact sensors for just slighly more than the price of one of the Ecolink contact sensor. Or you can get one v1 Ring contact sensor for $15 right now.

Thanks....I think I will order the Ring sensor and have a go of it....last question....is it hard to find the reed switch PCB landing points on the boards in the sensors?....I have never had one apart.....thanks....

You canโ€™t miss it

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Forgot to link to the Ring drivers


EXCELLENT TY.... :grinning:

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This one has terminals - no soldering needed. And is zwave plus.


Like most they are a dry contact, so you may need an interposing relay.

Thanks....another source....much appreciated. :grinning:

I used one of these an simply wired in parallel with my existing dry contact alarm (float switch) and it's been working flawlessly.

I did not need a relay, as my alarm box had one built in.

I am doing the same....mine works great also.....