Z-wave not working anymore

Without adding any z-wave device it started by being extremely slow then it just doesn’t work anymore. I tried all the basic troubleshooting (turn off and unplug, zwave repair, restore from previous backup, restore previous firmware, etc)

I submitted 2 warranty forms but Hubitat never replied to me.

What can I do? I’m living like a caveman without the automations…

CC: @support_team

What hub and firmware version are you having issues with?

Currently running version:

Can you post your z-wave details page in it's entirety? Use windows snip



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I am using PoE splitter and will try to find the original cable and power adapter to switch.

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any good usb charger will work 2amp or better if possible :slight_smile:

Any good wallwart should do. Do you have a Unifi Switch?

Yes, UniFi everything for my network. Any concerns here?

I put a temp USB adapter and apparently it’s working (good news, but waiting to see if consistently working).

Yes, UniFi is one of the PoE sources known to not play nice with many of the inexpensive splitters in combo with the hub. They produce unstable voltages which causes Z-Wave issues.

I am very confident that switching to a standard power source will fix the issues.

I would do a FULL Z-Wave repair.
Make note of any nodes that fail.
Then go back and try individual repairs on each of those nodes.

Hopefully that will restore your neighbors and routes after possibly being trashed from the PoE issues. Then let it settle for a couple of days.

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Thank you. I’ll start the repair right away.

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