Z-wave mapping

In my searching I have seen only homeseer have a decent z-wave mesh mapping utility. It seems this would be a great resource to troubleshot a problematic area/mesh, and where to add more repeaters, or relocate hub.

Does Hubitate have anything like this mind? As an installer I would be happy to pay extra for such a utility.

anyone try adding a HomeSeer controller into the HE hub? This is worth it for mapping for me.

Give this sw a try. I used it to map the network.

There's Third party software available to do it. Homeseek has OZWCP (Open ZWave Control Panel) available as a plug in... and you can deploy OZWCP on a variety of platforms, RasberryPi, Linux, etc.

I documented one approach back in February:

I recently got it running on a rPi as well.

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