Z-wave long range?

I'm a bit more optimistic. I would guess that they do it via Matter bridge support in a "future" hub since they will likely need to add Matter support at some point anyway.

Which is hilariously complicated when they could add a local MQTT server in about 15 minutes (on existing hardware - it is only a ~30Mb memory footprint). Especially considering they already use MQTT on the backend.


@aaiyar Thank you for sharing, it's truly fascinating. I also noticed in their FAQ that they mention Matter will be available in "later 2024". Given this information, I think I'll hold off for now. It's a bit disappointing, especially considering they have several intriguing devices that would be beneficial for me and my family's properties.

@frmWink2Hubitat Apologies for diverting the discussion from your original post.

They DID annouce (for about 24 hrs on their website) and send e-mails, that their new X3 hub was out - and this would "eventually" support local Matter - They even sent me an e-mail - Then they pulled that back, and said the X3 HW was just out for Beta (limited to select testers), and it's major claim to fame, was local cellular support, a local batter backup, and I think improved WiFi (5g?) support - They said, that this NEW X3 hub had the proper resources and would be required to run local matter, and they know folks are clamoring for that.

But , and this is a big but, they said the new Matter FW wasn't ready, and would be released by EOY - You can take that however you want, given the past 2 years of progress (or lack thereof) - The throttling info is news to me, but I take that as just trying to stem abuse of their API, given the MQTT linkage, there isn't a huge reason to poll all that fast - On a positive node they seem to be releasing lots of HW to support remote farm data collection, and apartment complexes.

Anyways, they are still alive, and seem to be making progress with a new hub (albeit slowly), but local Matter is apparently still on the distant horizon - I have about 4-5 Yolink sensors, versus 60 Zwave, and 20 Zigbee devices - So I use it for very specific use cases (I also like the usage of AAA batteries, versus coins), but in those use cases, it works well - Perhaps when Z-wave LR is out for the HE, I'll reconsider - but at least YoLink via cloud is an option that available today.

That all said, the slow grind to local Matter (I'm guessing they will be a Matter bridge?) does seems to be taking longer than expected..

See: YoLink Hub 3 available in yosmart store - YoLink - Universal Devices Forum - There are further links at the bottom, that lead to Discord discussions on Matter FW

And again, sorry for somewhat derailing the OP's thread

Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but you're implying Zigbee radios don't use DSSS?

Admittedly my knowledge on this subject comes mostly from googling but it's been my understanding that DSSS has been the modulation technique used in Zigbee's 802.15.4 radios (including Zigbee Home Automation) since the standard was proposed in 2003, and why it's been demoe'd to perform--albeit with retries and slowdowns-- rather than die even in the midst of heavy wifi interference..

Evidently (according to Wikipedia, anyway) a 2006 revision to the standard added an optional modulation layer to the 868/915 MHz band (based on parallel, not sequential, spread spectrum) but I doubt any home automation products we'd come across would be using this.

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They are definitely dsss. That is correct / a fair point. I was probably being too glib on the radio design side (edit: stuck out some of the wording on original post).

I don't know of anyone using the 868/915 bands - in residential or industrial uses.

There may be some, but I see the industrial side moving more to LoRa for those use cases, and have no personal experience (aka I've never seen one in real life) using the lower frequency 802.15.4.

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I’ve posted this before, but I’ll repeat it here…

I read one of the manufacturers claim that there were no more 700 chips freely available, and that if any devices being produced with 700 chips, they were NOS (new old stock.) My guess is that Zooz turns their products as fast as anybody, and as such, they’ve had to transition a lot of their product line.

Inovelli has something similar with their Zigbee devices. Their manufacturer procured a bunch of MG21 chips, and they’re burning through them with their 2-1 switches, while other Inovelli Zigbee products are being produced with MG24s. (Which product gets what is from memory, please don’t consider me authoritative if you’re looking to buy something.)

My take on Zigbee vs. Z-Wave is that -in my house- Zigbee is the superior radio protocol, but for me, Z-Wave devices seem to be a little more stable in operation and in a interoperation with the hub. (Put another way, a lot of Zigbee devices are nonconforming, which we already knew.)

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I said 800LR, not 700. You are correct , I have not seen any new 700 devices in at least a year and a half to two years. I just installed a bunch of Zooz 700 devices, but I bought them in 2022, and even then I’m pretty sure they were old stock. It just took me a while to find an electrician to put them in for a reasonable price. I don’t trust my electrical skills that much.

I also don’t get the all Zwave (or Zigbee) sucks. Everyone has their own standards. I have had Zigbee in two houses and in both houses it wasn’t optimal. I have much better performance with Zwave. I do have a little Zigbee, but I am minimizing the number of Zigbee devices I have , and trying not to add anymore.

Yes, that’s what I’m saying. The device manufacturers designed and released a bunch of 700 devices and then had to turn around and redo the process for 800 when they needed to replen stock. Zooz has probably had to do this quicker than most. (But they’re obviously not the only ones. HomeSeer, at the least, had to redo their 300 series wall switch.)

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Beauty is in the eye of the Z-holder


This is somewhat OT for a Hubitat forum, but is directly related to ZWave LR, so hopefully this won't be viewed too negativaly...

For those of you also running Home Assistant, ZWave JS added support for ZWave LR today.

To make this more Hubitat related:
Note that it is very possible to leave all Zwave mesh on Hubitat if they are already there, and just put ZWave LR devices on ZWave JS. Then you can use the LR devices in HA or use the HA to Hubitat bridge and use the LR devices in Hubitat.