Z Wave Light Bulbs

Not necessarily by design, when I first started playing around with a smart home, most of the products I bought were Z Wave. I have only 1 or 2 Zigbee devices. But since I have several Z Wave devices scattered about, I'd like to capitalize on the mesh I already have. That being said, are there any white (5000K) Z Wave bulbs? I don't need color changing or even tunable white and don't really want to spend too much money for them.

Anyone have any suggestions for brand and place to buy?


I use this Zwave Plus Bulb: It does the trick.

At $9.95 it's even cheaper than many Zigbee bulbs!

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I have two of the Go control zwave plus bulbs and never had an issue. They live outdoors and have survived the Arizona heat just fine. Both are on dumb switches which gets used occasionally and haven't had to rediscover them even once. Get found quickly. I recommend them as well.

I see the GoControl bulb is shaped for a recessed flood light. Do they make a “normal” shaped bulb? If not, are there any you know of? I’m going to use them with Inovelli Red Dimmers, version 2 (current version).

I think that's the only shape from Go Control.

But, please excuse me for asking, if you are controlling the switch, why do you need a smart bulb?
(Sengled has some "regular" shaped bulbs, but they are zigbee)

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I want to do an association as the lamp the bulb is in is a plug in lamp and it has 2 bulbs. So I don't want just a smart plug as I want to control each bulb individually, if I want. Plus I want to also control the color of the bulb, not just its dimming value. With the Inovelli Red Seri
es I can set up different tap values to do different things.

Inoveli Ilumin. If they come back into stock.

I also have a couple older (but still zwave plus) GE Embrighten bulbs

I’ve been waiting for both the Inovelli bulbs and motion sensors to come back in stock.

Did you ever find a regular z-wave light bulb? I need one to install in outdoor light fixture. Most light bulbs seem to be Zigbee.

Inovelli has bulbs in stock: RGBW Smart Bulb | Z-Wave | Inovelli