Z wave issues with "quick" apps

I have "strobe" effect that changes the brightness of a ZigBee bulb over a 6 second period that has absolutely killed my already dodgy Z wave network. I only use Eurotronic Z wave radiator valves (TRV), a bulb, and two repeaters (Aeotec and ring). This has caused three of my TRV to lose their connection (permanently, and need inclusion, re-write of rules etc.for new name) and Hubitat to lose all z wave devices on occasion. Changing the rule to run every 10 second makes the z wave network stable again. Seriously, is the z wave SO sensitive that Hubitat having to do something every 6 seconds is too much, or is Hubitat implementation of z wave just poor?

Can you share the code or rules you are using for this?

I've had to delete the rule machine code as my hub was useless with it. Basically it was a 6 second trigger that set a bulb brightness to 15%, a 2 second delay, then the bulb brightness was set to 5%, a 2 second delay, then bulb off.
Z wave has been really poor (slow response, devices losing their inclusion and needing to be included again etc), and I'm gradually swapping every device to ZigBee.

How can a Zigbee bulb affect the Zwave? They are totally different frequencies, and protocols, and radios.

No. I would suspect particular devices over the Hubitat. Some devices are just bad. Or you could just have a weak Zwave mesh, not enough line powered (repeater) devices, or devices that don't repeat well.

Timer was set to 30 seconds, and issue disappeared. I have a ring extender and an Aeotec extender, plus a Z wave bulb, Aeotec Siren 6, 2 Aeotec multi 6's and a boiler controller in a small 3 bed. Anytime the Hub gets a little stressed, the Z wave falls over. Numerous times it's lost everything in the DB and requires a reset. As soon as I find a decent Zigbee TRV, the Z wave stuff is gone.