Z-Wave Issues w/ Red Dimmers // Can't Include Now // Ghost Nodes?

I've been struggling with 2 of the 3 Inovelli Red Dimmers I bought. My goal was to upgrade the firmware and it's just been a brutal process. The first one was easy peasy. The other two are being a pain.

Issue w/ Dimmer 1
I had to force remove the dimmer from my Hub. I attempted to include it after factory resetting the switch, the dimmer was found and I unchecked S2 so I could upgrade the firmware (the firmware update keeps failing while using S2). Anyway, the device never finished adding itself and the inclusion timed out.

Issue w/ Dimmer 2
Everything about this one was looking good. I excluded it, factory reset the switch, included it without S2, upgraded the firmware, excluded it again, and then factory reset it. Now it's not letting me include the dimmer.

If I go into my Z-Wave devices I see some nodes that are blank (see below).

Any ideas?

I assume you are on the current hub release and did you update the switch firmware to 1.48? That fixed a lot of these issues.

Yes, I am on the current release for a C7.

Dimmer 1 I have not been able to upgrade the firmware to at all.

Dimmer 2 I was able to upgrade to 1.48. It's not letting me re-add it after an exclusion and factory reset.

So I had to move my HE closer to the dimmers. Once I did this the exclusions / inclusions went smoother.