Z-Wave Issues - Inovelli and Dome

Recent Wink Hub transplant, was able to get most of my devices moved over, but the Z-Wave ones are giving me the most grief.

First is a Dome Door sensor. I've followed the instructions to exclude, factory reset and include over and over to no avail. I was able to get a Dome Water sensor to work (the leak one), and right now I think it's the only Z-Wave device I've been able to pair. The Dome door sensor will not join. Not no way, not no how.

Second, and more annoying because it's hardwired, is an Inovelli NZW30. It's the paddle style, gen 1, no extra buttons besides the paddle. I'm not sure I have been following the include/exclude instructions since I've found a couple versions. Regardless, I got it to join the network...but it doesn't function right. I installed the driver for it, as well as tried it as a generic z-wave switch, and it is terribly inconsistent. It will respond to one or two commands, and then fall silent. For example, I'll turn it "on" right after it joins, and it'll turn on. I can turn it off right after, no problem. Leave it for a few minutes, come back, and I have lost control.

I've tried:

  • Z-wave repair
  • Exclude/factory reset and then include multiple times
  • Immense hair pulling
  • Z-wave repair again

I searched and didn't find anyone else with this issue. HE is in the same place as the Wink previously was, which is one room away from where the switch is installed. I'm hoping someone else has experienced similar issues with Z-wave and found a solution.

FWIW, all my Zigbee devices came over no problem.

Sorry, I had to laugh

Welcome to Hubitat.

I think your problem is distance, you mentioned the hub it's at the same place as Wink was but I believe Wink antenna was bigger, try placing your HE hub vertical and test again. The dome contact is a PITA, I have one and I will replace it, it's slow, if you open and close to fast it will not report the close and mine is about 4 feet away of 2 repeaters and 6 feet away of another repeater....but maybe it worked fine for you so try adding it after you resolve the Inovelli.

Good luck.

Good news! I was able to join the Dome sensor, and so far the wall switch is behaving. I set it to turn on at dusk and off at dawn, and it did both of those things.

I ended up trying a vertical orientation of the hub, that apparently did help. I'm also looking at moving it, or putting a z-wave repeater closer to the door sensor.

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