Z-Wave & Goodman Air Conditioner

Hello there,

I am not sure if this is the right place or not, but I will give it a try. I have a Goodman Air Conditioning unit, and currently it is using a proprietary ComfortNet thermostat. I would like to change the thermostat to be a Z-Wave thermostat and then setup the rules on Hubitat as the "smart" side of it (as opposed to use a Nest or something else).

The problem is in the wiring, since it is a ComfortNet it only uses a few wires, because it is communicating with its own proprietary language. Does anyone here know what terminals to connect a regular thermostat to on the AC control board?

I can provide pictures of the board if necessary.

Unless you have a variable speed compressor, it's likely your air handler unit / furnace can be reconfigured to support a conventional thermostat. And then, you can use a zwave thermostat.

Thank you for responding. There isn't anything variable, that I am aware of. It just turns off/on. I am all thumbs when it comes to what wires go where between the data linked side of the board and the "conventional" side.

It appears that there are several different possibilities depending on how it was set up and what was installed. I would consult the company that installed it for you and baring that, I would reach out to Goodman directly to clarify what thermostats will work and which ones won't. Or you can call a local Goodman dealer to answer those questions. You can find a local dealer on the Goodman website.

The problem with trying to answer your question is, the docs available now are only for what they are selling now. If yours is a few years old, the technology might be different and might support different things. And with HVAC you have to be careful, you don't want to cause a fire or have your compressor blow up on you.

Thank you very much, I will try to reach out to a local dealer for help!

Can you post the exact model numbers of your indoor unit (air handler / furnace) and outdoor unit?

Good luck! I took a look at the website and these AC units are amazing! Unfortunately with so many options contacting a licensed professional is going to be your best option. We don't want you to damage your system.

Some of these thermostats are Honeywell. There is a possibility you could use the Honeywell TCC site, and integrate that into Hubitat.

I have never done this particular hack, but if you look at this page, many of the Goodman stats are Redlink compatible. Goodman ComfortNet - Internet Gateway | Goodman THM6000R1002

I know this has been a long time for a visibly abandoned thread, and for that, my apologies. I finally got back around to this and figured it out though. I found an install guide for my AC unit and it showed the pinout for the thermostat I wanted to use. I went through and ran a new wire, as the old one needed only four conductors and the new one needed 7. After that, I rewired based upon the configuration I had it everything worked out well.

I have now purchased a Honeywell T6 (Z-Wave) and it is working perfectly. I ended up not using the Thermostat Scheduler, opting to use Rule Machine for the temps I wanted, and then configured presence to set Day/Evening/Night/Away.

The one issue I have though is with fluctuating outside temps. In the rules I configured already (which are working) I have an if/then statement that checks the outside temperature and then determines if the inside should be heat or cool, then from there it sets the temp. The issue now is how to implement a while-loop for longer duration Away(s). If I leave home in the morning and the temp is 70 degrees, then Cool will turn on, but if I am gone for a full day and the temperature outside drops to 50 I want the heat to turn on.

Here is the rule I have so far. The intent is to run every 5 hours, while the Mode is still set to Away. If the mode changes, it should just stop checking. If it is still away, then the outside weather is checked and then Heat/Cool is set. Does the make sense? Will the rule work? Is there a simpler way of creating it than what I have?

An additional thread for anyone interested. I ended up not using the Hubitat app for presence, as it seemed highly unreliable. I have Android, so I setup Tasker/AutoRemote on the phone. This setup a port for the Hubitat to ping when I was on my wifi. This has been extremely reliable, and so far, has not failed a single time during use.