Z-Wave Fibaro Smart Implant. Anyone use one?

Anyone use one of these with their HE?
as shown here:

Any experience or user reports appreciated. All comments welcome. Thanks

A simple search for fibaro smart implant will yield a lot of information:


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thanks, that was my first port of call.
Most posts i found are a couple of years old and appear to be comments with words to the effect of this device has issues.
Was seeking anyone who has had success using this device.

I suspect it is a repackaged version of the the original Fibaro Universal binary sensor that i already have a couple of that i cant get to work with HE

I've got a couple in use - no issues at all. I'm using one for my alarm system - the 2 inputs monitor the part set and full set status, while the two outputs connect back into the alarm as key switches to part set or full set the alarm in automations. I use the other one for my TV lift in the base of my bed (I did a post on the forum somewhere for that)

There's a community driver which works great (by 'christi999'), providing plenty of options, including the ability to isolate the 2 outputs from the 2 inputs as they're linked by default.

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I use 2 with a temp probe for my pool and fermenter. They work just fine. Only issue is size, they are tiny but you have to provide a power supply so, no so tiny. :wink: