Z-Wave fan speed controller

What are people using for variable fan speed controllers - preferably Z-Wave? I was looking to get another GE Enbrighten model but they seem to be out of stock everywhere.


The GE switches are made by Jasco, maybe have a look at this one, they’re on sale right now - https://byjasco.com/honeywell-z-wave-plus-wall-smart-fan-control

I've been using the inovelli light/fan controller with great success.


Part of it depends if you have a single switch/wire to the fan or multiple:
In a spot where it used to be just a light switch, I have the previously mentioned Inovelli Light/Fan (LZW36). Initially problematic but now working fine after a firmware update.

In rooms where I could get to all the wiring and run new wire I was able to have separate light/fan switches. For those I have Homeseer FC200+ switches. The extra controllable LEDs were "new" at the time and my daughters really like my being able to set the color of their switches. I just wish Inovelli had an equivalent because we all like the LED bar better than the individual LEDs.

I just ordered the Honeywells.

Strictly speaking, these switches are three speed -Low (25%), Medium (50%), and High (%100). There is no setting for 75% (75 and above are all max speed). I note this distinction because I'd really love to find a true variable speed smart switch for a radon fan, but haven't found one.

The GE Enbrighten fan controller does that. I had one in a previous house and loved it but I left it behind for the new owners.

That was my first smart device. "Alexa, set the fan to 60%." I was addicted. For some reason they are out of stock everywhere or available from scalpers for $100.

I have the Inovelli LZW36 and I really like it. I'm using the Light button disabled from the module so it controls smart bulbs instead of standard LED bulbs directly. That is a little slow to react, but it might be due to fluctuating Z-Wave signal since the lights themselves respond instantly to a Zigbee button controller. I have another on the way that should help with that and also give me a second of their fine controllers. When it controls standard LED bulbs and the Fan, I found no issue with signal or speed control at all, so I'm hopeful the second one repeating with improve the situation with using the Light button as a button controller.

I setup the indicators to be Red 20% when either our front door (the Light button LED) or our back door (the Fan button LED) is unlocked, and Yellow 20% when locked. I really like that ability to just quickly glance at that when we're upstairs, instead of always needing to ask Alexa or look at my phone.

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Maybe you were responding to the original poster, but if you were replying to my post regarding wishing it was continuously variable, then no. The Jasco/GE fan switch has three speeds. You can give it percentages via Alexa all you want, but the result will be one of three speeds - 25%, 50%, or 100%.

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I have 8 Jasco/GE Z-Wave Plus Fan Controls in my house. You can say, "Alexa, Set the Family Room Fan to Low" or "Alexa, Set the Family Room Fan to High". Furthermore, you can create an Alexa Routine which enables you to say "Alexa, Set the Family Room Fan to Medium".

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