Z-Wave Fan Control

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for anyone with experience in dealing with connecting ceiling fans to Z-wave wall switches (such as the GE 12730 Z-Wave Smart Fan Control). I understand the concept of having the fan wired to this switch for 3-speed control, but, in researching new fans for our home remodel, I'm coming across a lot of them who specify a 'remote' or 'wall mount' proprietary control.

In calling one of these companies (Monte Carlo Fans), their tech support claims that their fans can't be setup with just a normal 3 wire setup to a 'regular wall switch' (I didn't even mention Z-wave switches, as that usually makes their heads explode).

Does anyone have any experience with these more modern fans and this scenario? I can't believe that these fans are expecting to be all wired 'hot' from the wall with no ability to be controlled by standard wiring?

Thanks for any advice....

I used zwave fan switch's on smartthings . it was a custom code 3 setting app. several of my higher end fans are emerson brand and they have there own speed controller and wall switch controller. so they're would be no way to use a zwave switch with them. kinda help????

the fan's i used the zwave switch's on were just a "normal" wired hot fan.

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Looks like they use fan controllers that can control any ceiling fan. Likely what their talking about is that they don't have a switch on the fan (I'm guessing here, since we don't have the full conversation), therefor they need a fan controller on the wall. But it doesn't sound proprietary. So why not just use your Z-Wave fan controller? Or if your budget allows, use Lutron's 4 speed RA2 fan controller with an RA2 Select bridge, which is Hubitat compatible.

I recently installed a Monte Carlo in a bedroom. It comes with a proprietary canopy module and remote which expects constant 120v power. Through the remote and canopy module, it dims the light and fan. This said the canopy module on my fan is the exact size as the Hampton Bay Zigbee module. At some point I may switch it out for that instead so I can automate it through Hubitat. My recommendation is to verify the size and shape of the canopy module of the fan you plan to purchase to see if it’s the same size as the Hampton Bay Zigbee version. I was suggesting this to someone in the ST forum and her fan had a round canopy module where the HB wouldn’t fit. Obviously you are increasing the cost of your fan having to buy a new canopy module but it will allow you to automate it.

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If you do this, I would like to see a project story/instructions with pictures =D

Massive amount of informaiton and pictures here where the project started. @stephack 's King of Fans driver is the Hubitat port of the project.

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Now that HE has added the option for Component devices, I've started working on updating the Hubitat driver to work "similarly" to the ST one. I should have something added by this weekend (hopefully). There will be differences because of how HE presents the controls for drivers....but at the very least you will have independent devices for each fan speed and the light that can be controlled individually in automation/voice control apps.


So, just for clarity sake in following up. We installed a Monte Carlo fan in the bedroom, and it had one of the 'drop in canopy' remotes.

Our electricians for this house remodel were able to take that out and wire directly. We have another Monte Carlo (a 'ceiling hugger' version for our downstairs greatroom) that the electricians took one look at (with it's highly integrated remote control receiver) and threw up their hands.

The one in the master bedroom works great on a GE Z-Wave 3 Way switch, and, the benefit of wiring directly through is that it's a double-gang box and we put in a separate Z-Wave dimmer switch to control the onboard light.

Have I mentioned how much I hate it when companies overdesign their products... grrr.

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Curious, which model fan is this?

Monte Carlo Clarity II... it's a beautiful fan, but the remote receiver is basically wired solidly in the path with lots of 'challenging' wiring...

SmartHomePrimer, just curious, could you install a Lutron 4 speed RA2 Fan Controller with an RA2 select bridge if you already have the Caseta Pro bridge with Caseta devices already? Or could you just replace the hub and the Caseta switches work with the RA2 select bridge?

Consult with the Hubitat guys wether you can mix RA2 and Caséta bridges in the hub. I don't know that answer for that. In regard to RA2 fan controller with RA2 select bridge, yes you can. The standard Caséta dimmers that you find in big box stores will not work with an RA2 bridge. Pico works with both, but there are only two wall dimmers supported by both.

Which two dimmers are supported by both?

I ran into a similar issue with one of the contemporary Hunter manufactures for Costco (the Exeter). The commonality with these types of fans seems to be the lack of pull chains for fan speed and lights. If they don't have pull chains they're likely using a custom controller and can't be controlled with a wall switch; an absolutely stupid design choice.

Worse, the controller can't be swapped out with another brand because the fan harness it plugs into contains many more wires than the standard white neutral, black fan load, and blue light load wiring.

The chart shows it's Designer RF 6CL and 10ND, but I would give Lutron a call to confirm that's not a mistake in the chart.

It doesn’t really matter at this point. All my fan switches are GE. All my Lutron dinners are PD-5NE dimmers. I’m not going to throw a couple hundred dollars at putting in RA2 equipment just to put 3 dimmers on Lutron RA2 fan switches just to coordinate the look. I’ll just keep my GE fan switches and roll with what I have. Thanks though.

Stay tuned. There might be another option down the road.

Thanks but my fans are all Hunter fans with no lights on them. I simply want a fan switch that will turn on / off and go to low, med, and high and interface with Alexa. So far the GE Fan Controller switch does the job, I just wish it has the look of the Lutron Caseta line of switches. Meh... LOL thanks though!

I’m sure, or you never would have been considering such an expensive controller as the RA2. Idea here is, if these are controllable via Hubitat, you can control them with Pico remotes for both light and fan or just fan if you want. Alexa and Google Home are of course already controllers for these as standard, but it could be done via Hubitat as well.