Z-wave exclude

I found the z-wave exclude button on my phone app easily enough, and tapped it. There was no feedback that it had actually gone into exclude mode so for about half an hour I thought something was wrong, and then moved to my PC and tried it there, taking the zwave device with me. I am sure there used to be something else displayed during z-wave exclude mode, so the user knew something was happening?

For feedback don't use that exclude. Instead go to add a device > Z wave then select exclude there. You'll get the thirty seconds countdown and confirmation of the exclusion.


Silly me, I didn't think to look for exclusion under Add :smiley: My feedback stands though - Hubitat devs, please make the exclude under Z-wave tools work the same way :slight_smile:


Yeah I think the same "you want to delete something, sure just click add" ???? Makes no sense and it has been mentioned on here a few times - I think if you open the logs in another browser tab while excluding the way you tried originally you do get some confirmation but I've now got used to only excluding from the include menu.