Z Wave errors

Hello. I have 3 ZWave locks and a couple days ago they stopped working and the logs looked like this
I tried to access the hub shortly before this and I was unable to communicate with it C5. I rebooted hub and regained access. Nothing has updated in logs for anything the last few days

Any idea? I know suggestion will say to the pair locks but all of them? Is it a different problem possibly with hub. I’m due to buy a new one

What is device 33?

-- http://hubitat.local/device/edit/33

I have no clue lol
I have 3 Schlage locks and 3 of those zwave boosters or whatever they’re called .

All look normal to me aside from that error

Don’t know much about the hub or what else to check

click the link @jtp10181 posted. This will take you to device 33 on your hub.

Ah ok. It’s bringing me to the lock in which that report I pasted is happening from

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Are you using a system driver or user driver for that lock?

Basically, something was going on either the driver got itself into loop somehow and was stuck or the device was sending out too much chatter.

Power cycling the lock and hub is the way to get out of it. Could have been a one time fluke, you will have to see if it comes back.

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Thank for the reply. I factory reset, and re-paired to ZWave. So far my logs are back in blue. :slight_smile:

Ok Im pretty close to ripping out anything Zwave in my house. It's so intermittent compared to all other automation technology nowadays.

But before i do. Can someone tell me what this now means. Buy locks started working again for a few days. Now when i unlock it works fine but when i lock i get this. could it be the HUB? Is there a way to tell? I have 3 locks with 3 of the range boosters or whatever they're called. I have a small house. the mesh I have is fine. I don't need anything else in between hops. But all my locks are so intermittent now.

Zigbee, insteon, wemo, Kasa, nest, roku, nvidea shield, WIZ, Harmony, and about 15 other integration work flawless for me year round via Home Assistant(Best there is)

But ZWave is absolute trash. Im attempting this forum one last time for help before ripping out my 3 locks. I don't want too, they weren't cheap, but I can't do intermittent.

Thanks in advance

  • battery : 95
  • lastCodeName : unknown codeNumber: 3
  • lock : unknown

Turn on all the logging for the device, and then try to test again. Get a screenshot of the logs.

I also don't see if you posted the exact model of the locks and the driver being used for them (system or custom?). Might be useful info.

If you do get rid of them, I am in the market for 3 locks :wink:

It’s the 469 model number up at the top of the screen shop. Are these the logs you are referring to? I don’t know anything about how to even change drivers so I guess that means I’m just using the standard lol.

Yes that is the logs, is there any way you can pull up on a larger screen (PC maybe?) to get a full shot that is wider? That is only showing a small amount of info.

I can see it looks like you called a refresh. The device is reporting back to the hub, it is sending a status of 254 which is very common to be error/unknown. Which makes sense since the device is then showing "Basement Door is unknown". So it seems like maybe more an issue with the lock itself. Not sure what would cause it to send the unknown status. Do locks need to be calibrated?

I can pull up the spec on that zwave class and see exactly what the lock is telling you.

254 = 0xFE

Wow. While I stand by every comment I made about Z wave. I absolutely hate it. Today was a user error and your screenshot solved it for me. A very windy day yesterday blew the basement door open and when it swings closed, it doesn’t always close all the way so the latch wasn’t lined up to extract all the way. Thank you for the help.

I’m sure I’ll be back soon with another issue lol

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I used to be very frustrated with Z-Wave as well when I first got a C-7, was thinking I made a mistake and should have started with Zigbee. But after adding a more devices, getting a good mesh, plus the zwave firmware updates made it a lot better. Now on the C8 with the antenna it has been even more reliable and snappy for me. I honestly do not think it could work any better. All my average response times per the zwave details are less than 10ms typically.

Probably the fact that most of my devices are using my own custom drivers also helps, since I understand every intricate detail of each device.

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Yeah that MIGHT help!

I only have a C5. That’s why one of my original questions was could the hub have something to do with the intermittent behavior? I think the seat would be overkill for me because I have a Home Assistant server running on a Synology where I can’t really do zwavw at this point For reasons, I don’t feel like getting into so this habitat is literally for three door locks and nothing else. But I wonder if the C7 would make a big difference.

Also, when you mention custom drivers should there be something I should be looking into for Schlage?

You can use device status announcer in a routine (lets say shut down the house) to check the status of your locks and if one isn't completely closed it will let you know by notification on your phone, tts device or both.

I don't have any locks so not sure, I don't know if anyone has made one for those or not. I think most locks I have seen people are using the Hubitat drivers. Plus, a different driver would not have helped with that error message much.

You did say you have repeaters near the locks, so you should be pretty good. But what really helps even more is if you have devices all throughout the home. The more mains powered devices I added the more reliable everything got. Just about every single light in the house is controlled by a zwave switch at this point, that's the core of my mesh. I can add a new device anywhere in the house and it has multiple neighbors it can route with. Sometimes stuff takes stupid routes too, but it works, so whatever I leave it do its thing.

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Weren't Z-Wave locks one of the things that were very problematic on the C-7 due to the new (then) Z-Wave chip and stack? I would be careful about moving your locks to a C-7 - test carefully and thoroughly. Especially if the locks are old. I have an old C-4 that only exists to talk to an old Schlage FE599 handle/lockset.