Z-Wave - Entry Stuck in Pending

I have a situation where I believe I deleted a device before performing a proper exclude, and now have a "Ghost" Z-Wave entry that is stuck in pending state. I'm curious on any steps to take to clear this out and to remove this Ghost device (I've also learned my lesson to ensure I do an exclude first).

When going to use the "Remove" button, I get the following log entry:

Failed node 09 remove status: 0 SDK failure node is no longer in failed node list

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Thats is the default response from the z-wave chip when the device still has neighbors listed. Either intentional or a bug from Silicone Labs firmware, not sure.

Here is the unofficial guide for how to remove:
-- How To: Remove Ghosts using hub tools or a UZB Stick

Thank you! I will order a USB Z-Wave Stick and go through that process. Note, I've done power offs, etc - so I believe that's the next/last step. Appreciate the quick response.

Yes probably, and the least frustrating once you figure out PC Controller.

The hub itself needs to play by the z-wave rules to be a certified hub.

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