Z wave dual outlet not responding

Hi all, any tips appreciated. GE Enbrighten Dual Outlet not responding. Able to add to hub and automatically adds as type "Device". I change to type Jasco Z-wave Dual Outlet. Eventually shows two child devices, Dimmer-1 and Dimmer-2. However I am unable to turn on/turn off, change level on either outlet. Have excluded, done factor reset, included a few times now. No change. Looking in logs, shows the commands I am giving directly via the device page, Able to turn the device off/on manually at the actual outlet. Device was working fine on Smartthings before I migrated over. Hub updated. Everything else working ok.

What am I missing?


@joelreedbaskin_hubit Yes, I have the same issue here. If I change the type to Generic Z-Wave Plus Outlet or Generic Z-Wave Outlet, it works just for just controlling both of the two switches together. Switch 1 and Switch 2 (child devices) can not work separately. That might be the driver issue of Jasco Z-wave Dual Outlet. Anyone else has some comments on this?

Which model is this?

Did you hit "configure" after switching drivers?

I tried "configure", after changing back to Jasco Z-wave Dual Outlet, but not work. :disappointed_relieved:

And @argus2012 :arrow_up:

Jasco Z-wave Dual Outlet 55249

From the listing for this device:

The smart switch contains two grounded Z-Wave-controlled outlets allowing remote operation of two devices at the same time (cannot be controlled individually).

So I would say that you can't operate these individually.

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Emm. Thank you for this information. I didn't notice that. :sweat_smile:

But why two child devices (Switch 1 & 2) are shown in the device list when using Jasco Z-wave Dual Outlet driver?

I don't know if I can answer that. All of mine are older single controlled devices so I have never used this particular device or driver.

Maybe someone else knows? Maybe it is a bug?

I just bought a couple of these (55249) and ran into this issue. I has to be a bug in the driver, as it configures a single-switch device as a two-switch device. I've contacted Hubitat support to see about getting this fixed.


Also confirm this is a bug, I use the generic zwave outlet driver and it works fine (on off both outlets). The Jasco driver doesn't do much / no events reported either.

Device was previously on Abode controller and individual control of switches worked fine.

Maybe @bcopeland can comment as he is the z-wave guru

Can you screenshot the device data section of the device page?

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I've got the same issue with my dual outlet and my Data section looks identical to @jbondc above, except mine has S2 security setup. Checking to see if there's any updates on this. Thanks!

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