Z-Wave Dry Contact?

I need a couple of cheap dry contact sensors to monitor a leak detector and a smoke alarm relay. I was using the GoControl door sensors with SmartThings but I have not been able to make them work with external switches in Hubitat (tried every driver I could find). I also use a couple of Aeotec dry contact sensors but they are impossible to find now. These devices would only be used for external switches so they don't have to be door / window sensors. Thanks..

How about Ecolink? I'm not sure if you'd say they're cheap.

Have you checked out the Zooz Multirelay? It has three relays built in that can be dry contact.

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Are you referring to the DWZWAVE2.5-ECO? Can you confirm that they will work with an external switch?

I'll take a look but these switches are in two different places so having three relays in one wouldn't really be of much use.

Yes. I have one connected right now to a switch that turns on the fan to high on my wood burning insert. Works great. I like that it comes with white and brown cases-the brown doesn't stick out so much.

They seem cheap enough. Which driver are you using?

Currently, the Ring Alarm Contact Sensor. That's only temporary 'til the next firmware update. There was an issue with the Generic.

I have about 8 of the Ecolink2.5's 3 of them I use for weird things like pressure mat sensors (dry contacts) etc.. I use the Ring Alarm Contact Sensor driver as well at least until 2.2.5 and they work great.

Can the DWZWAVE2.5-ECO use both contacts independently of one another? It's not necessary but rethinking where it would be installed I could repurpose an existing sensor if this could work.

it only has one contact. it does not sense power, senses continuity of the two wires..

I'm referring to internal contacts (magnet) and external contacts (switch). I'm not trying to sense power.

no if you wire up the external contact i believe the internal does not work.. i tried it briefly with a water sensor they sell which is basically the same with a water sensor wired to the contacts.. the magnet did nothing..

maybe someone else can come back that has tried it directly on that device.

I just dragged myself off the couch and put a magnet next to it. Yes, the led flashes and there are log entries.


ah nice. weird it wasnt worknig for me on the water sensor.. maybe different firmware.

Maybe it's the magnet vs the conductivity thing.


Magnet works on mine as well. May need to be a NO circuit for the magnet to work. I haven't done any extensive testing to check though.


I know I am late to the party -- I think your question us the same as mine -- I have a fish tank sump and I would like an alert when I reach a min or max water level. I found a z-wave window sensor that you can hook an external switch to. I found Lowes has an $18 float switch designed for sump pumps with a 15 foot cord. you could have the Hubitat send you an alert on your phone every time it "opens" goes low or closes, fls back up. Did you find a solution: Z-Wave Door/Window Opening Sensor with Contact Closure Detection


I have used the Aeon Micro Switch G2 and it works fine.

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