Z-Wave down on C-8

C8 running

After a warranty replacement it seemed z-wave issues with one device I had were fixed. However as of the other day it seems my whole z-wave network is out of commission. I've tried turning off the hub, unplugging it for a few minutes, and plugging it back in.

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How is hub being powered?

Also, try swapping the antenna from one port to the other, this would rule out antenna failure.

Why are you trying to do z-wave repairs? Are the devices not responding? Or why do you think Z-Wave is not working?

Check the Logs > Location and Hub Events tabs for any errors about Z-wave crashing.

The devices are not responding and refreshing shows them as unreachable. I've tried swapping antennas.


In a great example of RTFM apparently poe adapter/Hubitat not playing well was to blame. In my defense, that bit of the manual seems pretty darn recent.


Do you have a Unify PoE source? So far that seems to be the common denominator. Other people are using PoE with other brands of power sources.

Yeah the C8 with a POE adapter on a unifi switch seems to be a bad combo. No one is sure why. I have one but I'm using a Cisco Catalyst switch and it's fine. Just the unifi stuff that makes it go toes up...

I do, it's been, it was powered off a gen 1 Unifi switch. I do wish this would be resolved/there were a clear mitigation since poe power would be huge, and when you compound it's absence with a lack of c to c support it's a surprisingly difficult device to run in a forward thinking way.

This has me thinking... I dont know if anyone has tried a micro-usb PoE adaptor (like one you would use on a C7) with a micro to USB-C adaptor? If the power issue has something do with the power negotiation on the C maybe that would mitigate it since the micro-usb would not support any sort of negotiation. Sort of stretch...

So I used the same micro-usb PoE adapter running from my Unifi switch that I had been using for my C5 for years but my C8 is having these z-wave issues. So a micro usb to usb c adapter doesn't fix it either it seems.

No, its the actual splitter. The C8 is more sensitive to voltage drops according to testing Denny did. Check that post I linked it is very detailed.


This one...


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