Z-Wave Door Lock Stopped Working

I've had this system for a few weeks now. One of the first things I added to my Z-wave network was my Schlage door lock. It's been working great until yesterday when I noticed that it failed to send a notification after my wife unlocked it. I looked at the Z-wave details in the settings and I see it's status shows "FAILED". All my other Z-wave devices are still working fine. The lock itself is fine. It still automatically turns the deadbolt and they keypad is fully responsive. I tried a repair and a refresh and even tried the general "Repair Z-Wave" button at the top of the screen. It's still showing as failed. I'm reluctant to have to reset the lock because I'll have to reprogram it again but if that's what I must do I will. Meanwhile, can anyone suggest what I might try that I haven't already?

I only have a total of 11 Z-Wave devices on my entire network and 10 of those 11 are working fine.

Wow do I feel stupid!

The one thing I forgot to try was power cycling the door lock itself. I just did that and it's working absolutely fine again.

ABSOLUTE Rule #1 ALWAYS - Turn it off and on again. DOH!


Yup. It has been documented somewhere.

Pull battery, wait 30 seconds, reconnect battery.

Now 18 months on HE and had to do this three times in total.

Edit: oddly enough it seems to happen shortly after the first inclusion. My third time (recently) was two days after moving it from my C5 to my C7.