Z-Wave Door Bell Button?

I'm thinking of adding a door bell for my gate. I need the Z-Wave range, which is just a tad better than Zigbee, in my experience.

Can anyone recommend a Z-Wave door bell type button that can withstand the elements?


I would look for a contact sensor where you can connect external leads, or a relay type contact sensor. Then you can just put any button you want for the actual buzzer.

Even something like a ZEN16 or ZEN17 would work jammed into a project box, if you have power out there. Otherwise I think the ecolink contact sensor can have an external lead connected to it. There is a monoprice tilt sensor as well which I made a driver for someone to handle the external contact.

Another thought, if you do have power you could use a ZEN17 and then also find some sort of 12v buzzer (sound) and connect that to the relay as well so when the button is pressed it trips the ZEN17 and makes some sort of buzzer / doorbell sounds.

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Thanks for the ideas.

I already have an Ecolink contact sensor crammed into the gate wiring box; there's no room for any more. I've got 24vDC out there, but I'd rather not mess with a project box or tap into the wiring if I don't have to.

I figure there has to be a standalone Z-wave single button that can take being in the elements.

I guess I could always put up a little sign: "For Entrance, Call xxx-xxx-xxxx, lol. No cost, no batteries, lol.

edit: Do they still have Dynmo (sp) label makers? The ones that make the plastic labels. Of course, that would cost money, :slight_smile: .