Z-Wave Dimming Lamp Module

I have multiple plug-in switches but non are dimmable so I've been searching for a dimmable lamp module without success. Does anyone in the community know of any dimmable Z-Wave plug-in devices?

Jasco/GE make multiple types of these.



@neonturbo and @mag ... thanks for the info/links. Both look very interesting so I plan to purchase one of each and give them a test run.

Leviton DZPD3-2BW

The Leviton DZPD3 is a Z-Wave Plus enabled plug-in dimmer, ideal for any residential setting that needs remote dimming of table and floor lamps up to 300W, including Incandescent, LED, Incandescent and Compact Fluorescent loads.

I didn't see the DZPD3-2BW on the Hubitat supported list. Do you know if this device has a built-in driver or do I need to install one from a developer?

I had one of the Levitons and my experience was that it didn't reliably report its state back to the hub. I replaced it with a Jasco/GE and that one has worked very well.

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It's identified as CentralScene controller/dimmer but seems to work fine when the driver is changed to Generic Zwave Smart Dimmer.

Leviton DZPD3-2BW Discovery

I've been using the DZPD3-1BW non-Plus version for a few years with no issues, just purchased the DZPD3-2BW Plus version and so far it seems fine. :crossed_fingers:

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It would appear I was wrong about this.
Initially I had set up the DZPD3-2BW Plus with the Generic Z-Wave Dimmer driver and it was reporting back to the hub correctly. Changing to the Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer driver it no longer properly updates the on/off state after commands are sent from the hub. The DZPD3-2BW turns on/off and dims as per sent commands but it has to be sent a Refresh command to update the on/off and level of the Current States on the device page.
But when on/off state changes are initiated from the front switch of the DZPD3-2BW it does update the device page Current States properly.

I use a few of these connected directly to some of my lamps. Trailing and Leading edge dimming is adjustable in the settings. Trailing edge dimming is best for LED bulbs and Leading edge I use for incandescent bulbs.

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