Z-Wave Dimmers - Polling or Refresh?


I have a mix of GE and GoControl/Linear Z-Wave dimmers that don't always update their status. I've been reading through the community and found that there are 2 options to resolve this:

  1. Use the built in Z-Wave Poller app


  1. Create a rule in RM to refresh the dimmers at a specific interval

My question is, which is the better of the 2 options? Is polling better than refreshing?

Many thanks!


I have several automations that trigger based on switches/dimmers and because the non-ZW+ devices did not report physical changes my automations were not firing when they should. I tried the ZW Poller app and IMHO it was slowing down my automations - likely because I have 100+ ZW devices and though I was only polling 7 of them (every 10 seconds), I think the ZW "traffic" slowed everything down.

In my case, I replaced some of those trigger devices with Zigbee equivalents and two with ZW+ devices and now my automations are working as expected.

To your second thought - I did try refresh at key times - but it didn't help in my situation.

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