Z-wave diagnostics request

Hi folks,

Firstly great work on the development, so nice to see some proactive and responsive support !

I'm yet to be able to migrate over my home from Hass due to Z-wave issues on the platform, however I have set aside a few devices in a test group specifically for Hubitat diagnostics.

In the 2.0.2 firmware it appeared the NWI (network wide inclusion) wasn't being triggered so all devices had to be in range of the hub. I can speculate that this is also why the devices once moved to their actual locations could not communicate back to the hub. I don't have the tools to see the Z-wave broadcasts outside of the stick to observe exactly what is being sent unfortunately.

In 2.0.4 I tried a test that previously failed with a two device chain where device 2 is far enough away from the hub to not have comms except via device 1 and I was able to add device 2 to the system so this suggests NWI was triggered. I could only get this to work in non-secure inclusion though. Despite adding device 2 I was still unable to control it subsequently and the network repair fails with a batch of 4 consecutive (no delay) calls to Repair Setting SUC Route.

To compare with Hass (OZW under the hood), I get immediate control over new devices included with NWI and it proactively queries neighbors and sets routes at inclusion time.

I'm happy to run any diagnostics that might help but what would be very handy is if you can enable a deep Z-wave debug within the beta build as an option. I can get a better comparison of commands, look for retransmits etc.

Longer term, having the device stats available like Hass would be great as its valuable to see the neighbors, failed command counts etc when looking for issues in the network.

Many thanks !



I'm a little surprised that nobody has touched this yet.

NWI has always seemed kind of hit or miss on Hubitat; I never could understand why I had such a difficult time pairing some of my newest Z-Wave Plus devices and needed to get them close to the hub when they should have paired in place. So is this (NWI) something that is provisioned in the stack?? Could explain some of the issues I was having.

In my "travels", I experimented with many controllers. Some had more pluses than minuses.
I have to say that I really like Hubitat.
However, one of the "minuses", in my humble opinion, is that the tools and techniques for managing the z wave mesh don't seem to be as mature or as sophisticated as some of its competitors (OpenHab, Home Assistant, etc.).
Before I get flamed, I just want to emphasize the words "seem to be as mature".
I am not sure about this, and this issue with Network Wide Inclusion could be part of it.
I also want to state for the record, that the Hubitat product has come a TREMENDOUS way in a short period of time. I think that's a great testament to the people (and concepts) involved.
I'm willing to give them a lot of rope to fix these issues - they've been great in the past.

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Ah, I just got around to updating my hub to 2.04.116 and noticed "Z-Wave device join improvements" in the release notes.

Not flaming you at all. I like the verbosity output in the logs during a Z-Wave repair, however I’ve never seen any failures reported during a repair, whereas SmartThings would report failures on occasion.

My request would be for a Z-Wave live log just as we have with Zigbee which I find useful.

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