Z-wave Devices Working, But Failing in Network Repair

I recently set up my Hubitat Elevation. I have 11 z-wave devices with all but three on mains power. Six of them are Aeotec MultiSensor 6's. I was having problems with two of the MultiSensors going offline so I decided to try a z-wave network repair as I had never ran it since setting up the HE. Every time I run it, there is at least one failed device out of the seven it reports on. I've been running it the last few mornings to give the network time to settle down. All devices have reported connected at least once. I got one run with just one failed device and another with four. The farthest device is about 20 feet away. The routes are either direct or just have one hop in them. Given that all my devices appear to work, is this normal behavior? Would adding a repeater help? One of the devices that often reports as failed has a stainless steel refrigerator and a steel rack between it and the hub.

Yes, a repeater would help that device. Any way to move the device? What are the devices? Any that measure power? Such devices tend to be chatty unless you set parameters carefully.

I have 6 Aeotec Multisensor6's, two smoke detectectors, a Schlage lock, a garage door opener, and a Fibaro multi-sensor. I moved the problematic sensor about 4 feet higher and farther back from the refrigerator. It didn't help although it was the only failed device this morning. I'll try the repeaters.


I added two Aeotec Range Extenders. They didn't help. They don't appear in any of the routes other than their own.

I have similar problem (C5)... I have a problem with one node during z-wave repair. This node is working (Fibaro double relay) but z-wave repair fails on this node and all z-wave drop down (next nodes on list are not being repair, hub only pinging them). I need to shut down hub to get back z-wave.

If you have an issue with a device, do a repair on that device only.
There is not need to do a z-wave repair that covers every device.
If they are working, why would you want to repair them.

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