Z-Wave Devices w/ Missing or Incomplete Drivers

It would be awesome if you could make a driver for this! I have two Remotec ZTS-110 (https://advancedsecurityllc.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/IQ-QZ2200-840-Thermostat-User-Installation-Manual.pdf)

When I pair them I have to initialize them with a special command that I put into a driver before switching it back to the Generic Z-Wave Thermostat driver before they start reporting. Something to do with setting the association for reporting. I figured it out years ago when I was on smarthings...Remotec Z-Thermostat (configuration with Z-Wave Commands) - Device Ideas - SmartThings Community

I would love a driver that I can configure all the advanced settings with though. Not sure how many people are using these but they do work well.

Would you be interested in a intermatic CA3750...? I am moving from wink as we speak, and these bad boys allowed me to control my two water heaters on a 'TIME' basis.

With two days left to leave wink, I will be trying to add.

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Is this just on/off control?

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These work with the generic z-wave switch driver.


If you move it and can get me some information .. I can probably whip up a driver

NVM see @aaiyar’s post

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Yup - I have one in my garage that I'm not using that I can send you. But they work fine with the generic z-wave switch driver.

yep.. From what I can tell it’s just binary switch so the generic driver should work..

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Hu Bryan, Thanks for doing this . How about Greenwave 6 node power strip with power monitoring?

Man....sorry @bcopeland but here is another one..

FortrezZ MIMO2+

I just bought this for some of my Pool Automation and I need the inputs to trigger in Hubitat. I am using it as an I/O device but the Official driver doesn't seem to have the "I"nputs as devices but allows you to do some limited configuration on them. That and there are a bunch of settings (Parameters) associated with the Input side of things missing as well. I know the inputs trigger on the device because the LED lights up when I trigger them but there isn't any association in Hubitat for any action.

This device is probably typically coupled with triggering one of the relays via an input but instead I want to trigger Rule Machine to do other things on input. Not sure the official driver had that in mind.

What do you think?


There’s no driver for this?

There is one...but for some reason it's limited to the output side of this I/O device. Not sure why that is. It creates two child devices for the relays but nothing for the inputs as far as I can tell.

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Ok.. I'll check into it..

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Thanks! It's also a bit annoying you cannot actuate the relays from the Parent or see the child status from the parent view either.

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The Qubino Flush RGBW device comes to mind. Other Qubino devices have official HE drivers but this one has been a long time coming.

as an aside, this isn't the pattern for child driver implementations unless the device it self provides an internal command that affects all children, ie an all off/on function or the like.
child specific commands are not proxied into the parent.

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Hi @bcopeland @mike.maxwell
I wanted to follow up with regards with the Heiman Z-Wave smoke detector here is the data section after paring with HE, I have tried the generic z-wave smoke detector driver but this only shows battery and clear, never any alerts to the test button or smoke. Would really appreciate the help.

  • deviceType: 32770
  • inClusters: 0x5E,0x85,0x59,0x86,0x72,0x5A,0x73,0x80,0x30,0x71,0x84
  • deviceId: 4096
  • MSR: 0260-8002-1000
  • manufacturer: 608

Shows the battery level and says Smoke:clear
When I tried some smoke and the alaram went off it did not change the status in HE

This is in the logs

dev:11582020-08-04 18:10:20.846 errorgroovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: GenericZWaveSmokeDetector.sendCarbonMonoxideEvent() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String) values: [detected]

dev:11582020-08-04 18:06:05.315 infoKitchen Smoke Detector battery is 99%

dev:11582020-08-04 18:06:05.100 warnconfigure...

dev:11582020-08-04 18:06:01.318 errorgroovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: GenericZWaveSmokeDetector.sendCarbonMonoxideEvent() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String) values: [detected]

dev:11582020-08-04 18:03:35.945 warnThe smoke status has been cleared and the battery level will be refreshed the next time the device wakes up.

dev:11582020-08-04 18:03:35.913 infoKitchen Smoke Detector smoke is clear


Fibaro Dimmer 2. There is a hubitat built in driver but its limited in capabilities. The driver below creates button presses for the s2 input and allows all parameters to be adjusted. Thanks


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@bcopeland I don't know if this response quite belongs here, but the pre-"plus" zwave Leviton dimmers and switches (eg VRI06, VRMX1 etc) don't seem quite right in hubitat. I just converted from Vera where these did work with instant status via the hail command - in hubitat I see that hail command arrive but the status doesn't update. I hacked on another driver to force a status update after receiving hail, but I feel like I must be missing something, as it seems like this should be easy to support out of the box I know they're a bit old now but there must be a fair number of them out there. Is it possible to have a variant of the Generic Z-wave dimmer/switch driver which responds to the hail command in this way? As an aside I do really like the hubitat driver model compared to vera - actually being able to see what is going on...

bcopeland, How about taking a crack at this one. I have an Intermatic CA3750. The generic zwave switch works fine but only controls one switch. The CA3750 has two independent switches. I saw this device handler over at ST (see below) and wondered if you could make it work with HE. Thanks.

I also created a second device handler and SmartApp that creates a separate standalone switch for those of you (and I) who are using 2xSPST mode to have two separate 120V relays. To use this you will want to do the following:

If you are adding a new Intermatic CA-3750 which is not on your SmartThings network:

  1. In graph.api.smartthings.com , add a new device handler and paste in the code at https://raw.githubusercontent.com/LunkwillAndFook/SmartThingsPublic/MSA-606-1/devicetypes/lunkwillandfook/intermatic-ca3750.src/intermatic-ca3750.groovy
  2. Using the SmartThings app, add the Intermatic CA-3750
  3. In graph.api.smartthings.com , select Devices, locate your Intermatic, and set the device type to “Intermatic CA3750”

If you are upgrading an existing Intermatic CA-3750 which is already on your SmartThings network:

  1. Open graph.api.smartthings.com and locate your Intermatic. Edit it and set the device type it to Z-Wave switch.
  2. Open the SmartThings app, navigate to your Intermatic switch, select Settings, and clear any text values except the name and icon
  3. In graph.api.smartthings.com , locate the device handler for the Intermatic CA-3750 and replace the code with the code at https://raw.githubusercontent.com/LunkwillAndFook/SmartThingsPublic/MSA-606-1/devicetypes/lunkwillandfook/intermatic-ca3750.src/intermatic-ca3750.groovy
  4. In graph.api.smartthings.com , select Devices, locate your Intermatic, and set the device type to “Intermatic CA3750”
  5. If you are using 2xSPST, the main switch now controls relay 1 and the smaller switch controls relay 2. If you are using 1xDPDT both switch buttons in the device control relay 1.

Do the following if you want to enable a separate device in SmartThings to control the second relay for 2xSPST mode:

  1. In graph.api.smartthings.com add a new device handler and paste in the code from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/LunkwillAndFook/SmartThingsPublic/MSA-606-1/devicetypes/lunkwillandfook/intermatic-ca3750-switch-2.src/intermatic-ca3750-switch-2.groovy
  2. In graph.api.smartthings.com , add a new SmartApp and paste in the code from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/LunkwillAndFook/SmartThingsPublic/MSA-606-1/smartapps/lunkwillandfook/intermatic-ca3750-2xspst-service.src/intermatic-ca3750-2xspst-service.groovy
  3. Open the SmartThings app, navigate to the marketplace, navigate to My Apps, and install the “Intermatic CA3750 2xSPST Service” app
  4. Follow the in-app instructions. A new device will be created using the label you gave your Intermatic CA-3750 with “Switch 2” added to the name. You can rename this device as needed.