Z-Wave devices that should be changed from secure to non-secure

If you find how to get the firmware version please let me know and I can follow your findings and compare firmwares, thanks.

You were right, I was able to join it non-secure and its working fine now... I edited my post above so to not confuse anyone...


No problem, we are here to help, thanks.

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I'm aware it's an old thread but looking for some guidance.

I'm adding a Fibaro FGMS-001 Motion Detector. For some reason when I add the device out adds it in secure mode:

From the reading the above it would seem that this is not idea, the device is also not working properly when I move it beyond the hub and behind a repeater.

I've excluded it, re-added, rest it a couple of times. Any help? Thanks.

fibaro double switch 2 adds in secure too and i heard there are c7 problems with these secure entries. Also fibaro dimmers please force their inclusion unsecure

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