Z Wave Devices question. In wiring up the house, can

I make a pigtail wire to temporarily plug in the devices near the hub before wiring them in the wall (i.e. switches and plugs). The switches won't have any load on them, just power. That would seem a lot easier than trying to move the hub around to connect the devices. Anything wrong with the switches not having a load when powered up?


Yes you can, BUT...

There is zero need to move the hub around to pair zwave switches. They should be able to p;air in place if you have a properly configured zwave mesh.

The only things you MAY have to put close to the hub to pair are locks and garage door openers.

If you can't pair normal zwave devices in place, then you have a zwave mesh issue and need to improve it by adding some repeating devices (any hardwired / non-battery device).

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OK. I just have a few devices hooked up so far and was wanting to add about 15 devices. If the pigtail will work, I think I'll just do that rather than get frustrated running between the computer and the area where the switch is at.

Ok... You could always use your phone to do the pairing - that is what many people do (if they don't have a laptop handy).

At minimum after you pair them, wait for 24 hours and then do a ZWAVE REPAIR.

Pairing a zwave device then moving it really jacks with the mesh setup. It will only try to repair if you manually run a zwave repair (it never happens automatically on Hubitat). But before you do that, you should wait a day to ensure it has discovered all neighbors, and the old ones time out.


After looking at some of the threads on zwave repair, it appears that the laptop may be my better option. Thanks.

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The only thing I have found that won't pair without a load are the Caseta dimmer. It needs the load to complete the circuit, which in turn powers the switch.

Interesting. I pair switches w/o load all the time when I'm working on drivers. Never had one not work.

I would imagine a device with no neutral would require load to work. I don't have any of those, though.

Yep, it is a no-neutral issue.


Early on there was a post by one of the Hubitat team suggesting mass pairing was not a good idea. I believe the max number suggested was 10 devices. Then wait 24 hours to add the next 10 .... etc



Yeah, there's no need to rush through this, as mentioned pair in place, I generally start closest to the hub with line devices, then double back with sensors, applies to zigbee and zwave.

I do secure zwave devices last, but what ever you do, don't do these first...