Z-Wave devices last activity vs Z-Wave Settings

When I go to Devices, my two Z-Wave devices show last activity is months ago, and indeed the devices did stop working at that time. But when I go to Settings > Z-Wave Radio Devices, both devices show up there with a "Last Sent" and "Last Received" today. Does that mean those devices are actually communicating with the Hubitat? And how might be the best way to recover from this? I was thinking to Reset Z-Wave Radio, reset the two Z-Wave devices I've got, and try to Include them each again, one at a time. Not sure if there's a better way.


It will remove every ZWave device from your hub and you will be forced to re-join each.


What Hub version are you using? C-5, C-7, C-8?

The C-7 and C-8 have individual device repairs as well as Replace, which works well for me, but I keep reading reports by people that say it doesn't.

You can always watch live Log to see the Events arrive when you have the device do something.

All my ZWave devices are already not working is the problem. I guess a better question to ask is the difference between those devices' "Last activity" on the devices screen and their "Last Sent/Received" from the Z-Wave Radio Devices settings screen.

I am using C-5

I assume the "Last Sent/Received" thing on Z-Wave Details is exactly that from the radio's perspective. (Why it might be receiving things when the device isn't working, I can't say...) "Last Activity At" is, as far as I know, only changed when the driver generates an event. This is normally a change in "Current States" (attributes) that you can see at the top of the Device Details page, like "switch" or "motion." Not all Z-Wave traffic will result in an event.

It sounds like you understand the cons to resetting the Z-Wave radio, and with only two devices, re-pairing should be easy enough.

You may want to remove the devices from Hubitat first just so you don't risk DNI (device network ID) conflicts when you re-pair them, since I'm not sure what will happen if it wants to use one that's already in use. If they aren't in use by any apps (or you don't care that any that are using it might break), you could just remove them; otherwise, you could temporarily swap them out with a virtual device you create for this purpose, among other options. That's the general idea -- I can explain more if you need help with any of that.