Z-Wave device status polling

one thing's missing always with smarthome systems/hubs is the ability to detect if a device is dead, out of range, or no power.

I've setup a few zwave plugs (aeotec and other brands) and they're all on my dashboard, showing the "last known state" - regardless if the device has been unplugged/powered down already which is giving false sence of information that the plug is "ON"

This misleading scenario becomes more concerning with home security where motion sensors, door sensors, etc may drop out of network (battery, defect, or whatever reasons) , the dashboard will continue to show it in normal state even though the sensor isn't active anymore.

I was really hoping Hubitat solves this concern by polling devices to make sure they're still responding or something. Is this possible with hubitat?

We really need "awareness" of the health of devices added to the system and must know if any of the devices goes out.

No, but there are polling apps that you can add, mostly used for Z-Wave non-plus devices that don’t report changed state automatically.

Sounds like you are looking for something, though, to monitor device health.

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oh cool tnx, ill take a look at it