Z-Wave Device not reporting Correctly

I have 3 Leviton DZMX! Dimmers using the Generic Z-wave Smart Dimmer driver. All three dimmers do not change the Current Status on the device page. Either for on or off or level. I can turn it off and on in the device page or the physical switch and all work but the status never changes. I have a simple rule set up if one of the devices is on but it never runs. I excluded them and included them, rebooted several times but I still get the same result. Any Ideas?

Maybe a device limitation:

Some amazon reviews report the same issue and it may require polling.

Look at the clusters in your ZWave details for it, if the first one isn't 0x05E it isn't ZWave Plus and will need polling or some other mechanism to keep the status in sync. If it is ZW+ then you my need additional repeaters for it to communicate properly.

Ok it is not ZWave Plus so I guess I need polling. What is polling exactly

It’s provided in a built-in app.


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Polling is just a regularly scheduled job that goes out and asks the device for its current status. You can use the built in polling app or create a rule that runs on a scheduled basis.