Z-Wave Device Exclusion - Ghost Entry

Definitely an edge case, but I've been excluding a number of devices from Hubitat. I've 100% made sure to click "Remove" on the device page, activate exclusion on the device, and wait for the hub to delete the entry/refresh the page. Three devices have been removed from the device DB but still showed entries in the Z-Wave table:

Using Discover nor Refresh has any change on them and they persist after an extended shutdown. For all three, attempting a repair, waiting for that to fail, then refreshing the device has given the "remove" option which does work.

This is on a C-8 running .140.

One device was a Zooz 700 series chip and the other two were 500 series devices; a Fibaro FGS-222 and a Kwikset 910.

Welcome to the Silabs SDK.. If you can't remove it normally (try shutting down and unplugging for 5 mins) and try again. If it still won't remove use a usb stick paired as a secondary controller.

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