Z-Wave Data Query

This is really a question for my ocd and not that important... I kinda feel dumb asking since it's not causing me any problems with my hub or ecosystem.

Is there an app, driver or way to query a z-wave device for it's serial number and/or other random data it may have?

I know how to use the basic z-wave tool to get information like firmware and protocol versions, but I'm looking for serial number specifically.

I have several swidget outlets that list their serial number in the data section. However, two of them are missing that entry. I have been cleaning up the data sections on all my devices with Custom Device Note and want to add the missing serial numbers. I looked for the number on the device itself, but it's not printed anywhere.

I find it interesting that during inclusion, the hub recorded that data on some of them but not all... I could remove the outlet and add it back in, hoping whatever the hub does in inclusion will record it... But I don't want to go there if there is another way to extract the data easier... :slight_smile:

It's up to the device to support returning a valid serial number. If available if would need to support the Manufacturer Specific class (0x72), which has a "Device Specific Report" that may contain the serial number. Some drivers will do a Manufacturer Specific Get in order to build the MSR (you see that a lot in the data fields) but not many bother with the Device Specific queries as well.

You can try changing your devices driver (settings, zwave, device) to the generic "Device" driver. It has a "getInfo" function that may query that class and either persist the data in a field or log it to the Logs.

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A quick check shows that the "Device" driver doesn't do a MSR get.... So I was wrong there.

But I did add a Device Specific Get option (using the MS cluster 0x72) and the supporting handlers to the example "Basic Zwave Tool" that was located on Hubitat's github repo. Queried a few of my devices, only one returned a value. LMK if you want a copy of the driver to try out or I can paste in the changes and you can apply them to your own drivers.

That would be awesome! Thank you... I actually opened up the basic z-wave tool and looked at the commands... Thought there was prolly something I could put in there, but had no idea what... I googled around looking for some syntax but figured I'd just ask the smart folks here... :slight_smile:

Here you go, try this: basic zwave tool updated - Pastebin.com Add it to your custom drivers, switch your device to this basic zwave tool, then reload your devices page. You can use the getManufacturerSpecificReport button to get the MSR, and the getDeviceSpecific report to try and get the serial number. Both will be in the data elements if present, and the logging will show more information about what is actually returned. I didn't write these functions, I just borrowed them real quick from a google search....

Thank you! I'll give it a shot!

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