Z-Wave Command Class Version Notation


I am learning groovy and Z-Wave. I thought I understood the below command syntax as:

command: xxyy

xx = command class
yy = version

However I received this line from the debug log which does not fit this syntax. Was I mistaken or is there something else going on:

Active log line:

15:47:47.373:debug Parse input: zw device: 1F, command: 600D, payload: 03 03 26 03 10

I believe that's Multi Channel Command Class + Encapsulation

MULTI_CHANNEL_CMD_ENCAP 0x0D supporting controlling If Destination End Point is set to 0
controlling supporting If Source End Point is set to 0
supporting supporting In all other cases

I thought it was command: xxyy
xx = command class
yy = command within that class.


Thank you.

Then I suppose there is another attribute to identify Class version.

Also (I know its a little off the original topic) what is an endpoint? When I researched endpoint it appeared to be an http location(s), or some sort of external address. Now your use it here suggesting it is something else.


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