Z-Wave can receive commands, but cannot send commands

Hubitat Z-Wave Controller joined as Secondary controller.

In Hubitat I can create devices with z-wave nodeId. It will receive messages from devices (BasicReport, Central Scene, Scene Activate, etc... Hubitat hub does send Ack ).

From the web interface any attempt to have the hub send z-wave commands silently fail ( I've tried a few of the drivers you all have created ). I did take the Hubitat USB stick off the hub and plugged it in and tested its ability to send messages ( it worked just fine ).

( FWIW, ST's hub will both send and receive messages if you connect it as a secondary and create a device with a nodeID. )

I believe I have seen the Hubitat hub sending a BasicGet based on GE switch sending its NIF ( i.e. network NIF generated when you turn on or off older switches ).

I hope that is enough detail for you.

Something is definitely broken in your gateway implementation; I had a different controller send a Hail to the Hubitat Hub. The Hub responded with a BasicGet ( I can see at the packet level both the Ack and the BasicGet which followed ).
If I plug the USB Z-wave device into another Gateway I can verify it works, so it is not the USB device. The BasicGet response to Hail means that the Hub is able to receive and respond to Z-wave packets.
Somewhere in the Gateway it must be deciding to not send Z-wave commands from devices (i.e. device handlers).

We don't currently support joining the hub as a secondary controller. Also it sounds like you manually added the devices to your hub, is that the case? If so they did not get flagged as zwave devices so the out going messages are probably not routed correctly to the radio.

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Got it, your hub's implementation of a Z-wave gateway is broken, and cannot support basic Z-wave functionality at this time. I feel like you should be more forward with this ( I believe early adopter would prefer to hear this ).

I am not sure what you mean by "manually add", with Z-wave, a primary controller allocates the node ID; inclusion controller will then add the device to the network. There is no logic in the application layer for "manual add". It sounds like your gateway cannot relearn ( or learn ) what devices are the network.

I noticed that gateway is not appearing to respond to power level checks as well, so something is up ( you are responding NIF messages, so are listening ( though the GE NIF hack is not defined by Z-wave )).

Good luck.