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I hope this is the right forum to address this topic. I'm brand new to Hubitat and attempting to move my Smartthings Home over, but I've ran into one issue right out of the gate. I have three separate switches in my kitchen for recessed lighting (no idea why the builder thought this was a good idea), the switches are all at different areas of the kitchen making it inconvenient to turn them all on at once.

I currently have them connected to 3 Homeseer WD200+ Dimmer Switches. In Smartthings I was able to use the Z-Wave Tweaker tool to create associations so they would all turn on/off and dim in complete synchronicity. Worked Great!

However, I don't see a tool that would let me edit the Z-Wave associations in Hubitat for these devices. I see that I can create a group with the smart app, but that doesn't pass the wife test: when she want to walk in the room and press one switch and have all lights come on together, and at the same dim level and avoid the popcorn effect. Any suggestions how I might be able to edit the associations of these devices in Hubitat?

I would use one to many app by Cobra and creating 3 rules, one for each dimmer controlling the other 2. Rule machine is another option but the expert of the community is @destructure00

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Have you tried the community-created Z-Wave Association Tool? Link: Hubitat/Apps/z-waveat at master ยท InovelliUSA/Hubitat ยท GitHub

It was written for Inovelli switches, but it should work on any Z-Wave switch (or a few other device types) that also supports association.

Thanks for everyone's suggestions. I was actually able to use the ge-jasco-z-wave-plus-switch custom driver on the homeseer switchs. This particular driver allows you to edit the association group. After I applied the association I was able to switch back to the homeseer driver all while maintaining the assigned association. Not ideal, but it worked! Thanks!


Thank you for the app.I have a question on how to use it correctly with Inovelli switches. I'm trying to create z-wave association in between Inovelli dimmer and smart bulbs (zigbee)

  1. to keep power ON to bulbs I'm disabling local relay in Inovelli switch.
  2. I create z-wave association using your app from dimmer to bulbs
    But the thing is that dimmer buttons stop working once relay is disabled. So it doesn't trigger events to the bulbs.
    Should I keep bulbs always ON through the wiring (moving Load wire into Line) and keep local relay ON? Or is that z-wave on switch VS zigbee on bulbs that stops it from working?

Sorry, I'm not clear on what you're trying to do. I understand you are using an Inovelli switch with the relay disabled. I'm not clear on what bulbs you're using (sounds like they could be Inovelli's, which are Z-Wave, but you said Zigbee). Z-Wave association works only for Z-Wave devices--basically a way for two Z-Wave devices to communicate directly with each other, bypassing the hub (trading perhaps speed and reliability for the flexiblity the hub would provide you). If you want to control Zigbee bulbs, you'll have to get the hub (and appropriate app/automation) involved.

If you are using Z-Wave bulbs (such as Inovelli's new ones), Inovelli reports that the switch should still send on/off commands even with the relay disabled, so association would still work. For scene events/multi-taps (these get interpreted as button events on Hubitat), association will not work, so you will need a traditional, hub-based automation for that--which you can certainly do even for on/off (and may want to anyway; in my opinion, it's easier to set up, and with a local hub like Hubitat, the tradeoff isn't much in exchange for the extra power this gives you).


I'm trying to do the same thing. I have 2 of the new LZW42 bulbs connected to the LZW31-sn dimmer. I have disabled the relay (parameter 8), and with the Inovelli association tool created a group 2 association with the dimmer as the source and the 2 bulbs as the destination. It will turn 1 bulb on and off but holding the paddle for dimming has no affect. I assume that I will use RM to create the button actions I want but expected the associations to perform basic on/off and dimming.

Feels like we are the beta test subjects here!

I'm using this same configuration with LZW42 bulbs and a LZW31-SN switch. For the dimming to work properly you need to create a second association for Group 4 with the dimmer as the source and the bulbs as the destination.

I've noticed that even with the association I'm getting a "popcorn" effect where one of the bulbs is slower to respond than the other when turning on or off. I'm curious if you have this same issue. Both of my bulbs are in the same fixture so it's quite noticible.

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By chance, can one of you tell me which is correct - A or B? TIA

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