Z-Wave Association for Aeotec Door/Window 7 to Inovelli Switch

Apologies as I’m relatively new to this. I have the Hubitat C-7 and have used the Inovelli Z-wave Association Tool to set up numerous Red Series (gen 2) On/Off to control a number of Enbrighten smart outlets, which are all working great (and very fast). The Association tool is awesome.

I now have several closets where I want to set up association groups between the Aeotec Door/Window 7 sensor on the closet door to control a Red Series On/Off for the light for that closet. I’ve read through this forum and the Inovelli forum and have some questions.

  1. I think I need to alter the driver code for the Aeotec Sensor. I don’t actually see the driver code on Hubitat. I found this code on GIthub for the Sensor 6. [hubitat/zwave_door_window_sensor.groovy at master · adsavia/hubitat · GitHub] hubitat/zwave_door_window_sensor.groovy at master · adsavia/hubitat · GitHub) Will that work for the sensor 7?
  2. I think I’m suppose to copy and paste the Association code that was written for smartthings [HOW-TO] Using the Z-Wave Association Tool in SmartThings - Sorting Category - Inovelli Community into the Hubitat driver, correct ?
  3. I notice that some of the Smartthings code appears to make specific references to Smartthings. Does any of the code need to be changed when importing this into Hubitat? Specifically, I see these references to smartthings;

def setDefaultAssociations() {
def smartThingsHubID = (zwaveHubNodeId.toString().format( ‘%02x’, zwaveHubNodeId )).toUpperCase()
state.defaultG1 = [smartThingsHubID]


I ave no idea how to do this but I've seen this link referenced several times. Maybe it will help App and driver porting to Hubitat

There may well be differences in the app for Hubitat vs Smartthings. Check out the following web site to see if it helps. I do not use Inovelli devices, drivers or apps, so I have no personal experience.