Z-stick device pairing

I've paired my zstick Gen5+ to my C7 hub using the PC software. No issue with that. I want to use the Zstick to include new devices that are not near the hub. If I am reading the instruction correctly, I am supposed to push the top button on the stick and it should blink blue. But mine blinks blue once and then goes to red. What am I missing?

You need to use the si-labs software to do the pairing. pick classic inclusion. Also set for no security

I used the silicon labs zwave pc controller 5 software to pair the zstick to my c7 hub. Isn't that the correct software?

Put the stick into pairing mode after you unplug it by tapping the action button once or twice. It should start blinking blue.

Then put the device into pairing mode. When pairing occurs, the stick will be solid blue for a little bit (5-10 seconds), and then start blinking blue again.

Ahh I thought it needed to be done via the SI software..

Works both ways. At least when it is used as a primary controller.

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As I said in my first post, when I tap the action button on the zstick it goes blue and then immediately red. I'm using it only to pair a new device that's far from the c7 hub.

Is it plugged in or not?

No its not plugged in. I have it next to the new device that I want to pair.

I thought the stick can act as a remote extension of my hub when I want to pair new devices that are far from my c7 hub.

It can. I'm confused that you are unable to put into pairing mode.

I'm just going to start from scratch and do a factory reset on the stick

I had the same issue recently. Removing (excluding) the stick from the hub, resetting the stick (hold button for more than 10 seconds) and including it again with the Z-Wave PC controller software, solved the issue.
I use the following routing to include devices via the stick:

  1. Reset the new z-wave device according to the manufacturer's instructions;
  2. Click the button on the stick (which will start flashing blue);
  3. Put the new z-wave device in pairing mode (usually one or more button presses.)
  4. Stick LED will flash when the inclusion is successful.
  5. Plug the z-wave stick in the PC running the PC Software
  6. Click the "Update" button in the PC Controller software. The new device should appear as a new node in the PC Controller software node list.
  7. Wait for the new device to appear in the HE Hub (Settings > Z-wave details). (I'm impatient and often restart the hub to expedite this process.)
  8. Click on "Discover" if the new device appears without recognising the device details.
  9. The device will
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I excluded the stick from my hub and then gave it a factory reset. I paired it with my hub using the PC software and now it works!. Thanks for your help.


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