Z-Flash not detecting Leviton switches for firmware upgrade?


I have several Leviton Zwave+ switches I'd like to update the firmware for. So far I've done the following:

  1. Bought Z-Flash utility
  2. Connected my Nortek Zwave stick and added the right drivers.
  3. Enabled the stick in zwave and added to hubitat, It currently shows up as "device". Is that right, or should it be detecting as a secondary controller?

When Z-Flash searches for devices it seems to find two of my other zwave switches but most of my devices including the Leviton switches it errors out with:

"Error getting version information for node 3, Send failed."

I'm a bit stuck here, what am I doing wrong?


Have you considered updating them using @bcopeland's Z-Wave Firmware Updater?


That's really cool, gave it a try but seems to get stuck for me at 'sleepy device" unfortunately.

If you have a sleepy device you need to keep doing a wake-up on it otherwise it just gives back to sleep.

turn on debug log and send me the log.. It’s possible the device is doing something non-standard

Thanks, yeah will continue that debugging in the release thread for your awesome fw update tool.

In the meantime I'd still like to understand what's going on with this Z-flash software and why i can't see the switches:(

A few months ago, when I spoke with Leviton and asked for an update procedure, then sent me a loaner AeoTec ZStick, and a whole bunch of .exe files. There was a exe file for each zwave model that they had. The exe file brought up a slimmed down, customized version of PC Controller, and then found and updated all switches on the network that were that particular model.
If you want me to send you those exe files, please let me know.
Bryan's superb tool, utilizes an OTZ file for each device, as the source for upgraded firmware. I could not really separate out a OTZ file in what Leviton sent me, so I couldn't use it.

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Check my github.. I extracted them

can you send me the link of your github for me to download the otz file

How did you get the Aeotec zstick onto the zwave network,

The one I received keeps getting stuck in “initializing”

Otherwise where can I find the OTZ files that have been extracted

Thank you,

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