Your incoming token has expired. Ha ha ha

I'm sorry, but this really is pathetic. How many months has it been now that this irritatingly pathetic error message comes up on the mobile app? Do I use any other app that is unable to handle the most basic of login errors without giving me a popup with an error message that means nothing to me and for which I definitely should not give 2 flying f's about. I don't care about your freaking login token. I shouldn't have to care about it. Just refresh it behind the scenes or fix the freaking issue.

What are the developers doing about the pathetic state of affairs of the mobile app? Why is it not able to properly support 2 hubs at different locations? Why is the problems with dashboard display and geolocation triggers in that scenario still not addressed?

It's late here and I'm tired, but you guys need to understand that this level of coding expertise and these basic issues are really wearing thin now.

I recommemd you rapidly get a grip on what you are delivering before you lose another customer.

Same here. Maybe the issue is related to the hubs being at different locations? Just a guess.

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You Sir have missed the point completely. But never mind.

I can understand @Angus_M's frustration. I know dashboards work fine with two hubs at the same location. But if they don't work when the hubs are the different locations (because one is local and one is remote) that can be a real hassle. Or if one is unable to access the remote hub's dashboards.

Myself I think HE should have stuck to their position of being a "Automation" platform and NOT bothered with a mobile app of any kind. Even the dashboard is a stretch beyond the core of HE.

Provide the integrations and API to enable 3rd parties to make dashboard interfaces or develop mobile apps but it's a true waste of the core HE teams time to spent it on mobile apps and dashboards to appease the few "control" users at the sacrifice of quality/stability/feature enhancements for the core automation system.

Introducing a low functioning app has only caused more complaints and issues and probably problems at the core trying to adjust to things for the mobile app.


Great idea. Let me try that do too (darn autocorrect). Have to visit my god child this afternoon.

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I said nothing about messages. What are you talking about?

Good luck trying to get geolocation triggers to work (for both properties) without manually telling the soppy system which hub to recognise.

And you're the one calling my attitude extreme and then talking about something I never even mentioned. Hence why I stated you had missed the point.

Now now!!
Play nicely children. :wink:


Where's the info to that IRC channel again? this would be far more entertaining live on IRC... hey what about Slack??? :smile:


This is the state of home automation is it? You have to manually tell the system you are visiting another property so that geolocation triggers for that property work properly and then remember to reactivate the other hub on your return. If that's how it's meant to work then it really is pathetic. I was expecting more. A lot more. And I certainly wasn't expecting incessant notification of login token expiration and error messages being displayed instead of dashboards.

I'm happy that you're happy. Maybe your expectations are lower than mine. That wouldn't surprise me whatsoever.

Stop trying to tell me everything is rosy and it works fine. It doesn't.

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That's not good. I don't know if this will help any, but can you use different methods to establish a geofence at each location?

For example, Hubitat app + WiFi at one location, and Life360 + WiFi or Alexa app + WiFi at the other location?

I'm not saying the app shouldn't be fixed. Just trying to find a way around the issue until it is.


Sorta off the rant topic but addressing your specific geolocation/geofence item:

This is the "state" of things and your experience. A "real" as you call it geolocation capability is possible. A while back Simplex Technology launched a product line of Simplex Locate and well... nobody was willing to pay money for a service that worked so now you and others are left with what you're provided for free. The same capability is still possible but you will have to build out the infrastructure and use your own GPS device or a working mobile app. If geo fencing is very important to you then it is possible to have fast and reliable but it's not free. I still rely on the remnants of Simplex Locate on a daily basis.

@aaiyar this isn't intended rudely or argumentatively, but all of those options suck and fail the reliability test. There is a reason why the big players don't even try to integrate geolocation into their "product" and leave this to 3rd party integrations. This is hard and nothing is 100% and when it fails it falls back to the provider and in this case that's Hubitat which is bad for their image.

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No worries. I didn't take it that way at all. Also, generally, I'm not one to get offended too easily (when I was a kid, my nickname was "tube-light" because I reacted slowly to their jiggery-pokery! :joy::joy:)

I was just looking at Simplex Locate (after reading your post). An amazing product.


I like that. I wasn't sure as seems people (lately?) are getting over sensitive and are just angry? or something on the forums. I'm too thick skinned and often too blunt so I'm trying to put up the disclaimers just in case... :wink:

Simplex Locate was really cool and best of all worked. Had some issues with a device provider with bad devices and firmware but the software was rock solid. Oh well....


I’m guessing you’ve tried running multiple instances of the HE app on your Android device by doing something likeTHIS
You could then call one App - Property A and the other Property B.

If your an Apple, I’ve not heard of this sort of thing being available.


Nic - that's brilliant!

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It's incredible to me that the task of managing multiple circles on a map, each one linked to a specific hub, and then determining whether you are in any one of them or not can be so blasted difficult. Sorry I just don't accept it. And if the solution is to set up multiple accounts or run multiple instances of the app (I have no idea how I'd even do that in parallel) then why hasn't this been thoroughly tested and then clearly communicated. The fact is, there are significant issues and related errors and no one has an answer now for months.

Frankly, I've wasted far too much time on this already. I will close out now and revisit in a month or 2 and hope the situation has dramatically improved.